Capabilities Overview
Option Samurai is feature-rich and has a lot of features. We list them here as a table of contents with links. Feel free to read about them in our documents or ask us about them (We are still adding the links, so if a link is missing - chat with us).

[KB = Link to knowledge base; Blog = Link to blog]

Main features:
  1. Scan (KB) & Support for 24+ Strategies (KB)
  2. Predefined scans (KB)
  3. Save scans (KB)
  4. Trade Log (KB) (NEW)
  5. Trade Analysis Tab(KB)
  6. Trade order form (KB) (NEW)  + (Send to broker) (KB)
  7. Earning date (KB)
  8. Dividend date (KB)
  9. 100s of fundamental, Option-based and technical data points  (KB)
  10. Universes (KB)
  11. Multi-column sorting (blog, KB)
  12. Mobile and cross-platform Support (Mac, Linux, Etc.).
Volatility measures: (KB)
  1. IV Rank (Percentile)
  2. Implied Volatility - Realized Volatility (IV - RV)
  3. Implied Volatility - Realized Volatility percentile (IV -RV Rank)
  4. Implied Volatility vs. Realized volatility graph
  5. Volatility Score
  6. Skew Rank
  7. Call/Put skew rank

Liquidity measures (KB)
  1. Open Interest (OI)
  2. Intraday volume
  3. Stock volume
  4. Average volume
  5. Total option volume/OI
  6. Option Volume Power (option volume vs. OI)
  7. Stock Volume Power (Stock volume vs. average vol)

More Unique Features
  1. Optimal Iron Condors (blog)
  2. Optimal spreads (blog)
  3. Value on strikes (KB)
  4. Analyst recommendation and target price (KB)
  5. Scenarios for the entire market (KB)
  6. Unusual option volume (Blog, KB)
  7. Expected Value calculation (KB)
  8. Samurai Stock Score (KB)
  9. Technical Analysis engine (KB)
  10. Calendar and Diagonal Spreads (KB)
  11. Optimal Butterfly strategy (KB)
  12. Send trade directly to your broker (KB) (New)

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