Universes are custom lists of symbols you can create separately from scans. It allows you better control over the scans and another mechanism for automation. For example, You can use a watchlist universe and use it in several scans. Once you update your watchlist - all scans will be updated as well.

How to create a list?

  • Go to the 'Settings' tab on the top.
  • Pick the 'Universes' tab in the settings.
  • Click the '+' sign.
  • Enter the list name
  • Enter as many symbols as you like (space, comma, or semi-colon separated)
  • Click Save.
You can edit and delete the list using the icons next to it.

How to use a list in a scan?

  • In any scan, click the 'add filters' button.
  • Search for 'include symbols' filter
  • Click the filter and choose 'Manual' (enter as many symbols as you like manually) or 'Universe.'
  • Pick the universe from the dropdown menu.

Use cases

The universe lists can help you fine-tune the scan results to a list of tickers you preselect. This also adds a component of automation as you can define scans to works with lists, and when you change the list - all scans are updated as well.
  1. Watchlist – The primary use case is to define your watchlist and create scans to use that watchlist. As the market changes and you track different stocks - updating the list will update all scans.
  2. Open positions - You can maintain a list of open positions to use in any scan.
  3. Themed lists – If there are stocks you like according to a theme (for example, SaaS companies) – you can create a list and use it in all your scans.
  4. Automatic lists - We created some automated lists to help you better define your scanned and investable universe and help you find trades.

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