New Version
Option Samurai’s Q3 2023 Release – IV vs. HV. Analysis, Improved Spreads Scanner, and More
As the third quarter of the year comes to an end, we are happy to announce our Q3 2023 version of Options Samurai. As mentioned in the last update, we have continuously delivered new features and more value for our users for 4.5 years now 😊. We are proud of that, and the feedback we get from our users keeps us going (Thank you for the kind words).

In this version, we’ve updated many of our backend systems to allow us to scale, continue, and deliver even more features this and following years. We can already announce some improvements and new features we’ve delivered. This post will highlight the most important ones.

This version we’ve added:
  • Implied Volatility vs. Historical Volatility Analysis
  • Improved earnings logic
  • Intrinsic / Extrinsic values
  • Improved spreads scanner and butterflies’ scanners
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Understanding the Iron Butterfly Option Strategy
A new guide in our blog - for the Iron Butterfly strategy. 

This article outlines how the Strategy works, including the short iron butterfly and long iron butterfly variations, provides tips for successful trading with it, and explores features offered by Options Samurai that can enhance trades using this strategy. We’ll also have the time to explore an iron butterfly example, giving you a practical application of the strategy.

Checkout the article in our blog: Understanding the Iron Butterfly Option Strategy

New Feature
Updated Excel and Google Sheets versions
We've updated the Excel/Sheets plugins so they will work faster, more securely, and we've added more data (Inrensic/Extrinsic Values).

Soon, we will launch our Q3 Version. But this is live now.
Options Trading Journal: Unlock Your Options Trading Potential
We just published a new guide in our blog about Options Trading Journal.

Many traders don't maintain a trading journal for their trades and push it for 'later' when they will be 'serious' or profitable. We believe that a trading journal is one of the best tools you can use to become a profitable trader.

A trading journal allows you to learn from data, fight biases and emotions, and thus learn and improve faster.

We wrote a complete guide about trading journals (you don't need a sophisticated software to get started), What they are, what they need to include, how you can use them, etc. And also included some information about our trading journal feature.

The Wheel Options Strategy: Your Comprehensive Guide to Steady Income Generation
We are happy to publish our new guide: A comprehensive guide for the Wheel strategy.

The wheel strategy utilizes some market edges to provide a systematic approach to options trading.

We wrote this guide to help you improve your trading and learn how to use Samurai to execute these trades.

New Feature
🚀 Exciting News: Faster Site, Better Experience!
We're thrilled to announce that we've made two key components of our site much faster:
  1. User data (saved scans, alerts, universes, etc.) 
  2. Trade log.

Your experience on our site is now smoother and quicker than ever!
We hope that the faster loading and feedback of the site will help you enjoy the app more and you can improve your performance.

We're continuing to improve the site - stay tuned as more updates are coming.
New Version
Option Samurai's Q2 2023 Release - Improved data engine and spread filters

Option Samurai has always been committed to providing traders the best tools to succeed in the market. As we enter the fourth year of ongoing development, we are thrilled to introduce the Q2 2023 version of our software.
This post will highlight some of the most significant enhancements in the latest release, including:
  1. Improved data engine process.
  2. Live UI updates.
  3. Open interest report
  4. New filter for controlling strike distance.
  5. Bug fixes and improvements.

Master Options Trading with Custom Tools Built in Excel and Google Sheets + Live Example
What are the benefits of using custom tools in options trading? How can the Option Samurai Excel and Google Sheets plugins help with this? Read more about this in our latest blog post.

We also included a template to help you optimize your manual put selling.

How to use the Options’ Center of Mass report to sharpen your trading edge
We've released a new blog post about how to use the Center of Mass report. This unique report can give you an edge in your marketing, so we've added this blog post with more details and examples about how to use it.

Read more here: Blog
Open Interest Report
We are happy to announce that you can receive our new Open Interest report directly to your email. The OI report offers a new way to look at the market and see how the market participants are positioning themselves for future moves.
To activate the report, go to Settings > Reports or click here.
Read more here.