New data provider for Earnings
We are happy to announce that we implemented another data provider for companies' earnings events. This will help us provide better estimates for future earnings events.
Added bid/ask Level for all strategies

We finished testing a new feature for the October version and decided to release it early 😀.

We have added the ability to control the option prices used in the calculations of the strategies. You can use a conservative price (buy on ask, sell on bid) or mid-price of the options. All the calculations, such as return, breakeven point, the trade tab, max loss, profit, etc. will be controlled by this setting. This will allow you to find trades with more realistic profiles and consider the market's different price fluctuations.
You can read about the bid/ask level filter here: https://samurai.froged.help/docs/en/23115606-bid-ask-level-setting  
New Version
September 2020 version launched!
We have deployed the new version for September (a few days ahead of schedule 😃 ) over the weekend.
This version has significant improvements to the stock selection process. We have added Stock Score that allows you to incorporate fundamental aspects to your stock selection.
We have also added a technical indicators engine to help you time your entries/exits better. The indicators have flexible time frames and advanced features such as cross to give you even more flexibility.

Read the release notes here: https://blog.optionsamurai.com/september-2020-version-has-just-launched/

We are now working on October version where we plan to add more data, some new data points, watchlist and we are working on a surprise. 🤩
Beta testing new technical indicators
Over the weekend we have uploaded some new features to start beta testing.  The main feature is the technical indicator engine that allows you to customize the indicators to your style.

We will add more information here if you want to follow the development: https://samurai.froged.help/docs/en/79487428-technical-analysis-engine
Beta testing the new Samurai Stock Score
Starting this weekend 8/16 we will start beta testing our new Samurai Stock Score. We changed the quantitative engine on the back end, but the biggest improvement is breaking the score into 3 components to allow users to better control into how the decide if a stock is good or not. 

We will add more articles about this score in the coming weeks. 
We added many articles to the KB
We've enhanced our knowledge and the articles section, and we continue to add more articles all the time. If you feel something is missing please let us know!
New Version
Just released: August 2020 version

We are so happy to announce we just deployed a new version! The latest version includes new features, a whole new engine that will allow for unique usage, bug fixes, and general improvements.

Read more in the blog: https://blog.optionsamurai.com/just-released-august-2020-version/
New Version
Analyse your trade in the Trade tab

We just deployed a new feature: the Trade tab.
In the trade tab  you can see a profit and loss graph of the strategy, the bid/mid/ask price of the strategy and the legs that are building that strategy. 
New Version
See the Future of the Trade: The Scenario Engine!

We are delighted to announce we are launching a unique scenario engine on our platform. The engine will allow you to see the profit and loss of the trade, assuming a shift in underlying price by expiration. 

The feature is integrated with all our features (save, IV rank, earning dates, and more) and allows you to scan the entire market for the best trade assuming a stock shift in price by expiration.

You can read more about it in our blog
And in the knowledgebase.

New Version
July 2020 version is here!

We are so happy to announce that we have launched another version!
It has some unique data points, not found anywhere else: Value on Strike. It basically tells you what will be the asset value if the option is assigned at strike price. For example, you can see what will be the dividend yield if the OTM put you sold will be assigned. 
We also added another stretgy, more data points, new support center and more KB articles. Read it here: https://blog.optionsamurai.com/july-2020-version-is-here/