New Version
July 2021 Version

We are happy to announce that we just launched the July version with many features you've been asking for. In this version, we've added a new strategy, a new trade button, added Index data, and more.

In this version, we have improved the product in several key aspects:

  • Index data allows you to find trades on indexes traded in the US markets. These options are cash-settled European options and can give you some diversification. You can use this data across all features of the app.
  • New Trade button - allows you to enter a trade, analyze it and track it manually.
  • Collar strategy - A new strategy comprised of buying 100 shares, selling OTM call to finance a protective put.

This version delivers improvements across all sections of the app and will allow you to improve your trading.

Read the full release here, and we will love to hear your feedback.
Added Collar strategy as Beta feature
Happy to announce that we added a new strategy as a beta feature. The strategy is Collar and comprised of: Buying 100 shares, selling OTM call, and buying OTM put. 
Effectively this strategy creates a limited risk and limited reward profile.

The feature is available now to all users. Feel free to reach out to us with suggestions and feedback.
New Version
June 2021 version - Trade order form

New month, new features :-)

We are happy to announce that we just launched the June version that significantly improved the platform. In this version, we added another completely new model to the platform - the Trade order form.

The trade order form allows you to customize the strategy (such as changing expiration and strike) and see how it affects the trade. In addition, we included a Stock chart (with breakeven points), PL graph, and stats to help you get a full 360 degrees view of the trade.

We also included improvements to the scenario engine, trade log column selectors, and bug fixes.

Read the full release below, and we will love to hear your feedback.
New Version
May 2021 Version is out!
May is upon us, and we are happy to announce a new version to Samurai where we've added more features based on your feedback.

This version added quality of life improvements in the scanner and added more data columns in the trade log.

We are excited about this version. Here are the improvements included:

  • Re-order columns in the scanner
  • Added data columns in Trade-Log including: ROI, Annualized ROI, Percent of max profit, and more.
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

Read the full article on our blog, and reach out if you have any questions or feedback: May 2021 Notes
New Version
Trade log feature is launched (April 2021 version)

After months of planning, designing, working, and testing it internally, we are happy to announce that the new version of April 2021 includes a whole new module: The Trade log. Technically, this feature allows you to add trades from our scanner and track them over time. But more importantly, it will enable you to learn and test new strategies, improve and easily track current open trades and, with coming improvement, will allow you to adjust trades, backtest, and more.

We are excited about this version. Here are the improvements included:

  • A public beta of the Trade log feature
  • Added new universes for ETFs constitutes
  • Added new data points for the scenario engine
  • Added options expiration cycle filter
  • Server improvements
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

Read the full article on our blog, and reach out if you have any questions or feedback
New Version
March 2021 Version is out!

We've launched new features, and we are looking for testers for the new Trade log feature coming in the next couple of months. Read more here!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new version for March 2021. In this version, we've added two new strategies, new predefined scans, deployed bug fixes, and more.

Main improvements include:
  • Call and Put Butterfly strategy (Beta)
  • New Predefined scans
  • Improved the strategy selector
  • Bug fixes

For more details - read the blog post: https://blog.optionsamurai.com/march-2021-version-is-out/
Tip: Use Scans as Part of Your Investment Process

Making a repeatable process is critical to generate consistent gains in the market. Having a reliable method saves time, helps us ignore the noise while always keeping our eyes on the essential aspects of trading. As the market change, it is also easier to investigate the process and adjust it than fix an ad-hoc trading method.

This article explains how you can use Option Samurai scans to save time and improve your process.

Read more in the blog

New Version
February 2021 Version is live!
We are very happy to announce the launch of our new version for February 2021. In this version, we've added a new strategy, improved our stock analysis model, added predefined scans, improved speed and sorting, and much more.
Main improvements include:
  • Stock analysis improvement
  • Iron Butterfly strategy (Beta)
  • Improved sorting
  • New Predefined scans
  • New filter: Weekly options
  • Speed improvement and bug fixes

Read the full notes on our blog post.
Speed improvements
We used the long weekend to improve our servers and backend code to make the site run faster. Especially for strategies with many permutations, such as Iron Condors and Diagonals. Sorting is also done faster based on the cache and not re-scanning. 

New Post: Dividend Yield on strike - Example $KO trade
We've just released a new post that looks in-depth into one of the trades we did during the recent COVID crash. This was a low-risk trade on a dividend-paying stock that utilized one of our unique data points, the 'Dividend Yield on Strike .'

In this article, you'll learn:
  • What is the dividend yield on strike value is?
  • Coca-Cola trade example, considerations, and things to check.
  • How you can use it in your trades when markets are expensive