Automatic universes
[This holds a description of the automatic universes we have in Samurai. We will be adding more with time. Ask us if you think a list is missing and you want to see it]

Index constitutes - List of the stocks that comprise the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. (updated daily)

Dividend Aristocrats - S&P 500 Companies that distribute dividends regularly. For a company to be a member of this list, it needs to distribute increasing dividends every year for at least 25 years. (updated daily)

S&P sectors - ETFs that comprise the different sectors of the S&P 500, such as: Energy, Financials, Utilities, Technology, Builders, etc. There are 11 sectors, but not all ETFs are liquid enough.

Main Market ETFs: ETFs representatives of main tradable markets, such as: Equities
(Dow, S&P, Nasdaq), Emerging markets, Gold, Silver, Bonds, Oil, China, and more.

Volatility ETFs: ETFs to trade in the volatility space (VIX), Such as: Long term long VIX, short term VIX, short VIX, etc.

ETF constitutes: We have added universes that update the individual stocks that are part of the ETF. This is very helpful to scan for opportunities within an ETF or according to a theme. some of the ETFs: S&P 500 sectors, ARK investment ETFs, Cybersecurity ETF, Video games ETF.

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