Trade Log Overview

A trade log is a very powerful tool that helps traders improve their trading over time. When combining it with a scanner, we can create unique features such as:

  • Learning from past trades - stats and seeing how the trade evolve during the time in the market.
  • Learning how to trade a new strategy - We can paper trade new trades found on our Scanner.
  • Manage open positions - a unified place to see all open trades and current statistics to stay on top of our positions.
  • Suggestions on rolling options and how to continue trades (coming soon)
  • Much more.

The trade log will add many capabilities to the platform. We will add more as time passes. Your feedback will help determine the direction and priority of the features. 

Trade log Overview:

The trade log is accessible from the menu on the top bar (BLUE). It is broken into three sections:

  1. Open trades 
  2. Closed trades
  3. Archived trades: Trades we don't want to use for tracking/statistics.

These sections are easily accessible VIA the menu on top.

Grouping menu: (ORANGE) On the top left, you can see a grouping menu. This is useful to change the grouping of the trades and see a summary per group (such as profit and loss). Some of the groups available are:

  1. Per symbol: Groups all different trades per symbol and let you see the aggregated greeks, profit/loss, etc.
  2. Per strategy: Groups all trades per strategy (such as Covered calls, Iron condors, etc.)
  3. Per expiration date/Month: Groups all trades according to the expiration and provides statistics for that expiration cycle/month.
  4. More coming soon.

Selecting and reordering columns: (Purple) Clicking on the gears icon will allow you to reorder and choose displayed columns. See more below.

Trade table: (Green) The trade table is the main component and shows all the information. Like the Scanner, you can sort the table, click on a trade to see the analysis tab, and click on the '+' icon to expand the grouped transactions.

Analysis tab: Like the Scanner, Clicking on a trade shows the analysis tab for that trade for further analysis.

Multi-Portfolio support

The trade-log feature supports managing several separated portfolios so that you can group your Trade according to your use case. Some examples:

  • Trading portfolios - where you track actual trades.
  • Virtual portfolios - where you track transactions you want to test.
  • IRA portfolios - Track IRA portfolios separately from your trading portfolio.
  • Portfolio per broker - create an account per broker.
  • And more.


On the top row of the page (in Trade log and Trade Order Form), you can see the Account menu and a drop-down menu. Clicking on it will allow you to switch accounts and go to the settings to create more accounts and delete accounts.

Create & Delete trading accounts

On the settings menu -> Pick the Trading accounts tab. There you can add, rename and delete trading accounts.  

Adding a trade to the Trade log

There are several ways to add trades to the trade log:

Add a trade from the Scanner:

Add trades from the Scanner to the trade log to track them.

  1. Find a trade on our Scanner.
  2. Open the analyze tab and click the 'trade' button on the right.
  3. In the order window, add price, quantity, comments.
  4. To close a trade, click on a trade and click the close button on the right.

Add trades manually:

You can add a trade manually by pressing the 'New Trade' button in the Trade Tab. This will lead you to the trade order form. Read more about it here.

Edit and closing trades:

Clicking on a trade will give you action options on the top right of the analysis tab (see picture). 

  • Adjust will allow you to edit the information for that trade. 
  • Close will close that trade and move it to the 'closed tab.'
  • Archive will move that trade to the 'archive tab' so you won't see it again.

Selecting and reordering columns:

By clicking on the gear icon, you can pick what columns you'll see in the table. Clicking on the arrow and the bottom of the window will allow you to reorder the columns. 

Trade order form:

The trade order form allows you to customize the trade and analyze it in-depth. 
See more information about the trade order form in our dedicated article. You can also send the trade directly to your broker. Read more here.

Roll trades and add similar trades:

We've added an automatic universe (watchlist) that connects the trade log to your scanner. The scanner will look for trades only on tickers already in your trade log when you activate this universe. 

The use-cases for this are:

  • Find rolling trades instead of trades that are closed/about to be closed.
  • Create a repeatable process by saving the scans with trades on stocks in your trade log.
  • Trade stocks you are familiar with
  • and more

You can read more about it here (automatic universes) and here (universe overview)

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