Setting up your first scan

As you might already know, our predefined scans are a powerful tool that helps you find the best trades opportunities in the market. Yet to enjoy Option Samurai’s full capability you can also create your own predefined scans. Customize your search results based on 100 filters, and It is very simple.

Let's first start with an overview of what you see after clicking 'Compose scan':

The BLUE area is the filter section. This is where you see the active filters, and also add new filters, change their values and change the strategies. There are 100+ filters and 12+ strategies. Please feel free to ask us questions using the chat button on the right or continue and dive in this help section articles.

The Orange area is the scenario engine. It allows you to control different 'what-ifs' scenario and see the profit and loss of the options trade in different scenarios. See the links at the bottom of the page to learn more.

The GREEN area in the picture is the result table. This is where you'll see the results and you'll be able to expend, sort, and see more details. You can read more here. 

The PURPLE area is the controls where you can go back, run scan, save, or export to excel.

Next, let's set up an example scan.

Setting up an example scan

Let's say we want to see the best puts we can sell on stocks that have earnings reports coming up. 

  1. Press compose scan 
  2. Change strategy to 'Naked Puts' from the strategy drop-down menu

3. Click add filter and pick “Earning date” filter. You can search it by scrolling down the list or by typing “earning” (the autocomplete will find it before you finish). Once you find it, click on the name to select it. To finish click anywhere outside the window or on the (x) on the right top corner.

Now we need to define the logic for the filters. in the filter section:

  1. Click on Earning date and choose before the expiration 
  2. Change implied volatility rank to 50%-100% 
  3. Change moneyness to -15% to 0%.

5. Click 'Run Scan'

You are done!

Now you are ready to work with the scan to find the best trades. And if you want you can also save the scan.

  1. On top of the table you can see 'untitled scan' - Change the name to whatever you like. 
  2. Press the save button.


You can also sort the results by pressing the column headers. We implemented multi-column sorting to first sort by stock data (for example, maximum IV or best stock score) and then by options data such as maximum return, minimum risk, etc.). To read more about it, and how to use it, check out our blog.

scanner video 

This video shows a use case for the scanner that looks for options trades on oversold stocks: 

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