Predefined Overview
Predefined screens are screens we created to give you a quick start into our platform. They are designed to provide trade ideas in different market conditions and help you jump start your own scans that fit precisely to your trading style. Our Predefined screens are not better than any other scan you can make, and they don't fit all market conditions. However, they are very useful as a template to start your own scan or finding trade ideas in different market conditions.

How to use:

  1. We recommend starting by using the TAGS dropdown at the top of the page. They will filter out scans that don't fit the tag you chose. The tags start with the direction you are looking for (bullish, bearish Natural) and then credit or debit. The next group is the strategy (covered calls, spreads, etc.), and the last group is 'theme' - earnings, high probability, etc.
  2. After you filter the list of predefined scans, you can read the description of each scan by hovering above it.
  3. Clicking the arrow will let you see the results quickly, but it is better to click the 'edit/duplicate' button to see the parameters and edit them to your liking (you can add your watchlist, adjust profit/loss targets and more)
  4. The duplicate button will allow you to duplicate the scan and make changes so you can save it to your dashboard and access it in one click.

Check this scanner use-case video: 
(A clip taken from a webinar we presented in April 2022)

Conclusion and read more:

The predefined scans are designed to jump-start your use in the platform. They provide you with ideas and templates on how to start your own scans and offer trade ideas to different market conditions.

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