Technical Analysis Engine
Our Technical analysis engine renders indicators in real-time when you scan the market. This allows you unparalleled customization and will enable you to create different scans with different time-frames in mind.

The engine renders daily indicators using years of historical data and simulates the last stock price as the last data point to show you the value if the market would close at that price. We also added advanced filtering options, such as a cross, zones, time in range, and more.


We started with five widely used indicators. You can read more about them in the respective knowledge base articles. If you have any requests, let us know:

  1. RSI - Relative Strength indicator - Trend and mean revision indicator. (KB Article)
  2. MACD - Moving Average Convergence Divergence - Trend following indicator. (KB)
  3. Bollinger bands - Volatility indicator (KB)
  4. Stochastics - Mean Revision indicator (KB)
  5. MA - Moving averages- Trend following indicators. We have three filters based on this indicator: 
    1. Moving Average Distance (KB Article)
    2. Moving Averages Crossover (KB Article)
    3. Moving Average Rank (KB Article)

Filtering options

We have created some advanced options for filtering to better time the indicators and find trades that fit your style. You should check each indicator article to see how best to use this, but this is a good overview:
  1. Zones - This option is intuitive and allows you to find stocks that their indicator are between specific numbers. It is beneficial for mean reverting indicators, and you are looking for overbought/oversold stocks.
  2. Cross - This option is to indicate crossing between events. It is useful, for example: for MA crosses, exiting an oversold area, etc.
  3. Time in range/Time outside range: Stocks can be oversold/overbought for a while. This option allows you to find stocks that have been in a zone for a long time before exiting it (or are still in it). For example, Left oversold zone after a week, in the overbought territory for more than ten days, etc.
  4. Percentile - Very useful to customize the behavior of the indicator for the stock in an automatic way. You can see an example of how to use it here in our blog

Use cases

The engine is useful for any technical analysis. Here are some common use cases: 
  1. Stocks where stochastic is leaving oversold zone, %D higher than %K, after being there for a week.
  2. Show stocks that have high growth and are in a bullish trend (Above MA200).
  3. Stocks that are above the upper Bollinger band.
  4. Stocks that are in a bullish trend and MACD line crossed the Signal line.

We've included more common use cases in the articles about the individual indicators. You can check them out there.

See this video use case about using oversold stocks to find options trades: Link.

Predefined screens:

  • Sell puts with high yield on good companies that are oversold with over 75% probability of profit - See scan

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