Earnings date data
Public companies announce their financial report every quarter. This event provides new information, so the stock price adjusts rapidly. Because this event is known and has high volatility, we see the options IV spike before earnings and crush after. This makes earnings dates very important for traders.

In Option Samruai, we allow you to find upcoming earnings dates for stocks and options you are about to trade.

Earning date filters:

We provide two filters for earnings date:

Earning date (dropdown): This filter allows you to see only options trades that expire before earnings or expire after earnings (for an earnings play).

Earning date picker: This filter allows you to specify the exact date for earnings date, and it is mainly used to create scans for a specific earnings season to enable you to prepare your earnings play better.

Earning date indicator:

We add a small phone icon next to stocks that have earnings coming up. If it is orange, the earnings are before expiration, and if it is grey, then earnings will be after expiration. You can always hover above the icon to see the date.

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