How to Sort the Results Table

Option Samurai uses a multi-sort feature that sorts by two columns by default. This feature is very powerful and allows you to sort first by a stock parameter and then by an option parameter.

Some of my favorite use-cases for it includes:
  • Sorting by a technical indicator (RSI, for example) and then by annualized return.
  • Sorting by IV percentile and then by maximum profit ratio (to find the most expensive options with the best risk-return)
  • Sorting by stock score and then by dividend yield on strike (allows me to sell puts on strong stocks with high dividend yield if I'm assigned.
  • Sorting by analyst target price and then the scenario column.
  • And many more.

How to sort

Sorting is very simple - Hover above the column header (click on mobile), and then you'll see the sorting menu: 
  • Sort this column only - Will sort the table only by this column. (one column sorting)
  • Sort this column first - The results will be ranked by this column first, and the other column (has a number next to it) will be the second sort.
  • Sort this column second - The results will be ranked by the column with the number 1 next to it. And then by the selected column.
  • Don't sort this column - Cancels the selection.

Numbers and arrows next to the column headers

The numbers and arrows next to the column headers are visual indicators of the sorting. The number 1 indicates the primary sorting, and the number 2 indicates the secondary sort. The arrows indicate the ascending to descending order.

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