Option Samurai Overview
Welcome on board! We are so happy to have you with us!
Option Samurai platform is designed to help options traders like you sharpen their edge in the market.

We will get started by understanding the Scanner: It helps you find trade ideas in more than 15 different strategies that fit every market condition. You can scan more than 1.2 million options instantly or enter your watchlist and limit the results to a list of stocks you are interested in.

Compose Scan:
Clicking on the 'Compose Scan' window will allow you to start building a scan from a blank template. Just pick the strategy from the dropdown menu, click 'add filters' and start scanning the entire market!

Predefined scans:
To help you get started, we created more than 25 predefined screens. You can see them as templates to help you get started and give you ideas on how to scan the market. Each scan will provide you with trade ideas for different market conditions. Still, the best way to use them is to get inspiration from them and implement it in a way that fits your style and goals. You can go over the entire list or use the tags at the top of the page to filter them.

Once you found a scan you like, You can save it and access it from the dashboard at any moment. Even on the go with your mobile.

Trade Log: 
You can track your trades and improve over time by adding trades you find to our trade log. Just click on the row you want, and click the 'trade' link on the top right of the details window. From there, you can make changes and add them to the trade log.

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