Excel Trouble Shooting

This article will describe some common difficulties in installing and using the Excel and Google sheets plugins and how to solve them. If you haven't, please read the previous articles:

  1. Excel integration: This article describes the plugins and how to use them.
  2. Installing the Excel Plugin - This in-depth article explains how to install the different versions of our plugin (Excel web, Excel desktop, and Google Sheets).
  3. If you still need help with a problem after reading the troubleshooting below - please reach out, and we will be happy to help.

Table of Contents

It's essential to start with the previous articles described above, as they are the initial and basic information to start with the plugin. This article describes common errors in the plugin. 

Here are the topics, and you can jump to the right solution:

  • How do I know what data you have and how to use it? 
  • I'm on trial - can I use the Excel/Google Sheets integration?
  • The formula builder is empty.
  • Data is not imported to Excel/Google Sheets.
  • Can't install the plugin in Excel desktop / Error 53 or 67 in cmd


How do I know what data you have and how to use it?

The Excel plugin lets you access hundreds of data points on millions of stocks and options. We also add and improve the plugin as time passes. The best way to see our data is to use the Formula builder.

Additionally, you can check the following resources:

  1. The knowledgebase article about the Excel Plugin.
  2. You can open the 'add filter' window on our scanner. You can see what data we have there and search for it. Go to > click compose scan > Add filter.
  3. This file shows our data points, but it is not regularly updated.

I'm on trial - can I use the Excel/Google Sheets integration?


During the trial, you can use the following symbols: "SPY," "AAPL," "AMZN," "NFLX," "GOOG," and "GOOGL."

You don't need to insert your API key. Instead, press 'Next' and start using the plugin.

The formula builder is empty.

If you open the formula bar and it is empty, you can reload it:


  • Click on the arrow on the top right of the formula bar

  • Click reload

In Google sheets:

  1. Close the bar
  2. Re-open the bar by going to Extensions > Option Samurai Plugin> Formula bar
  3. In Google Sheets - Make sure you are on the same user that installed the plugin. 

Data is not imported to Excel/Google Sheets.

This can happen for many reasons; let's try to see where it happens and solve it:

  1. Make sure the installation was finished correctly. Please review our knowledgebase article and ensure the plugin was installed correctly.
  2. If you are using Google sheets - Make sure you use the same user you installed the plugin on. You might need to use the first user you installed the plugin on if you have several users. 
  3. Try importing data VIA the formula bar: open the formula bar > click next and import data for any symbol -> for example, Price and name for SPY stock. This will reduce the chances of errors. 

  1. Some networks might block some web traffic (mainly managed networks - for example, hotel chains or corporate). This could affect the plugin. Try to connect your computer to a different network (for example, your mobile hotspot) and see if it works.
  2. Contact us if it still needs to be fixed.

Can't install the plugin in Excel desktop / Error 53 or 67 in cmd

This error happens when you follow the knowledgebase article and can't share your folder using the CMD. Usually, the problem occurs when you are on a managed network such as a corporate or a hotel chain. Here are possible solutions:

  1. Try connecting to a different network - for example, your mobile hotspot. After the installation is complete, usually, the plugin will work even on the network that didn't let you install it.
  2. Try to share Option Samurai VIA File Explorer:
  • Open File Explorer

  • Paste the following address in the address bar: \\\excel

  • When The username/ password window shows up, enter:  guest (all small caps, no spaces, both for username and password)

  • Continue to the installation article.

3. Create a local folder to share:

If the above solutions fail, you can create a library yourself and use it to share the plugin with Excel.

  1. Create a folder
  2. Copy the Manifest.xml file to that folder (you need to unzip this file). You can download from here:
  3. Mouse right-click -> Properties -> Sharing -> Share button -> Share with Everyone.

  1. Continue the installation article, but instead of adding the folder in Excel - add the folder you've just created.

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