Installing Excel/Google Sheet Plugin

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The Option Samurai Plugin allows you to import stocks and OPTIONS data quickly and easily into Excel/Google Sheets. This gives you endless possibilities in building custom workflows, saving time, and gaining a sharper edge.

This article describes the installation instructions. If you need an overview - please check this article.

If you are having difficulties installing the plugin. Check our Troubleshooting article.

The versions covered in this article: (Jump to the relevant version)

  1. Excel Web (office 365 subscription).
  2. Excel Desktop
  3. Google Sheets

Excel Web

  1. Go to the settings page in the app and pick the Excel plugin tab.

  2. Download the file Unzip it and keep the XML file.
  3. Log in to Excel web on the website.
  4. Go to Insert tab > Office Add-ins > Manage My Add-in

  5. Click on Browse and choose the file you downloaded at the beginning and then click on the Upload button.
  6. After a few seconds, you should see the Option Samurai icon appear on the Home tab.
  7. Please refresh the browser.
  8. After installation, you can use our formulas by typing them directly or using the provided widget in a guided manner. You can register using the API key in the Settings tab. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Excel Desktop

Excel desktop supported versions.

For Excel Desktop, we will create a shared folder and import the most updated version. Then install on Excel.

  1. Click the Windows icon and search for 'run.'
  2. Write cmd and enter.
  3. Copy-paste the following command: net use \\\excel /user:guest guest   You can close the terminal.

4. Open Excel. Go to Options.
5. Add Excel Add-in catalog as shown in the pictures below:

6. To activate the plugin - open a workbook.
7. Go to 'insert' press 'My Add-ins.' Switch to "Shared Folders." You will see the Samurai icon there. If not, press the "refresh button." Select the Option Samurai add-in and press the "Add" button.

8. The plugin will be added to the home ribbon. Click on the formula builder to start.

9. Copy the API key from the settings page in Option Samurai. Read more here.

Google Sheets

The Google Sheet installation is easy and done VIA the Google Workspace Marketplace.

1. Go to the Option Samurai Plugin page on Google Workspace Marketplace: Link

2. Click the install button.

3. Approve the permissions (will allow importing web data to your sheets).

4. Open Google Sheets

5. In the Extension menu on top, you will see the Option Samurai and the Formula builder.

6. Open it, and copy the API key to it (The Key is in the Settings tab in the Option Samurai app).

7. Done. Read more in our documentation: here.

More Versions

Coming Soon.

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