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This article is a step-by-step guide on how to send a trade from the Samurai platform to Tradier Brokerage. The mechanism is based on a trade link that opens the Tradier platform in a new tab and allows you to review the trade before sending it to the market.

How to send a  trade to Tradier:

1. Analyze your trade in the Trade Order Form window in the Samurai platform.

2. Once you're done, Hover above the 'Send To' button and chose Tradier.

3. Click the link in the window that opened.

4. If you are not logged in to Tradier, you'll need to log in now.

5. Click 'Preview' to review the trade or 'Submit' to send it to the market.


Adjusting Trades

When you open the trade in the Tradier Platform, we also copy a limit price based on the mid-price (if unchanged). But markets can move fast, so you might want to adjust the price before hitting 'Submit.'

  • You can see the limit price of your order vs. the quote of the market for the stock and option. See here: 

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