Iron condors that will be profitable with a +-1 standard deviation move
[Note: this is a heavy scan and sometimes it can take 2-4 minutes to get results. If you want to get results faster, limit to a small list of stocks you are interested in]

The iron condor strategy is useful if you believe the volatility would drop, and you'd like to earn a premium without taking a directional bias. By default, we check all possible Iron condors available to find the optimal one. We usually use the probability of expiring worthless to filter out IC, but the scanner is flexible enough to help you find the trades you want with standard deviations.

Building the scanner:

  • Open the Iron Condor strategy.
  • Ensure the default settings of: Stock score, bid/ask level, IV percentile, options volume, etc. fit your need.
  • Change the expiration date to be 14-45 days in the future.
  • Delta should be around 0 if we want a centered IC. We can choose a directional bias with that filter.
  • Setup the spread criteria to fit your risk tolerance: max loss, min profit, spread ratio, etc.
  • We recommend to keep the Expected value on positive and loosen the probability of profit/loss. We can always make them tighter in the future.
  • Add two scenarios: The first to be +1 standard deviation. And the second to be -1 standard deviation. Make both profitable. See picture:

  • Run scan.

You can see here a picture of how we set it up:

Notes about analyzing the results:

1. We recommend starting by sorting by the Expected value or profit ratio. This will help you see results by order of the best edge and save you time analyzing the trades.

2. Click the ticker to see the details page and go to the trade tab to see how the trade looks like on a chart. The blue lines indicate the scenarios, the dash lines the breakeven points, and the black line is the current stock price.

3. Notice that we pick the optimal IC. It could be asymmetrical or have no loss on one side (such as the example above). You can adjust that by selecting different strikes on your broker platform, changing the filters, or click the '+' next to the ticker to see more possible trades. See here:

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