Probability of loss and probability of profit

One of the more popular filters in our scanners is Min. probability of profit and Max. probability of loss. Both of these filters are presented in %.
Though it might be expected that these are complementary values, i.e. the sum of both would be 100% this isn't the case.

The reason is that these calculations are of the probability of Max loss and Max profit. The remainder between the max loss and the max profit is the probability to be in the middle of the spread (as described in the graph).  The reason for this is to allow you a better understanding of how much profit you can expect in each section.

Let's look on the following scan result:

This means that there is at least 50.02% to be profitable (the right side of the graph) and no more than a 7.32% chance for the max loss (the left side of the graph). The remainder - 42.66% is the 'middle part'.

You can read more about Expected value here:

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