Unusual option volume with price smaller than $1
In this blog article, we spoke about how to analyze unusual options volume. In this KB article, we will give an example of how to edit that scan to fit your needs better.
The scenario is to limit the option price to under $1. This will allow us to limit our risk or increase our leverage.

The easiest way to get started is to edit the predefined scan: 

  1. Click the predefined scan and then click the 'unusual volume' tag.
  2. Click on the 'edit/duplicate' button to enter the compose window.
  3. Add the ask filter by clicking 'add filter' and in the search box 'ask.'
  4. Click on the ask and choose under $1.
  5. Similar to the blog article, we suggest sorting according to the options volume power and options volume a few times to see the available trades. We also recommend adding the 'exclude symbol' filter to remove stocks you don't want to trade.

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