Remove/add/re-arrange columns

Option Samurai allows you to control the data displayed to help you make better decisions and fit your investment process.  SamurAI platform is 'data heavy' with hundreds of data points available for each option. 

This article will describe how to add, remove and re-arrange columns: 

The Option Scanner:

Add Column

To add columns to the table, you need to add the filters from the 'add filter' button. If you just want to see the data, you can add it as 'any,' and if you want to filter the results, you input the values you are looking for.

For example: If you just want to see the current PE ratio, you can add it as 'any'. If you want to see only profitable companies, you can add it and set it to greater than 0.

Remove a column

  1. Hover over the filter you want to remove.
  2. A small (x) will appear on the right part of the filter.
  3. When the (x) will turn red - pressing it will remove the filter and the column.
  4. The result table will be without the selected filter.

Re-Arrange columns

You can re-arrange the columns in the 'edit' mode or the compose scan mode. When you are in those modes, you will see a small gears icon on the top right of the page. Clicking it will open a re-ordering dialog:

The Trade Log:

Adding columns, removing and re-ordering them are all done from the same model. It has two sections (you switch between them using the arrows at the bottom of the window). See here:

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