Finding predefined scans

The scans in our scanner are located in two tabs

  1. "Saved scans" - These are the scans that you created and saved for your personal use.
  2. "Predefined scans" - Scans that the option samurai team created and shared with all of our users.

There are dozens of predefined scans and we are constantly working on adding more - giving you more tools as a trader. In order to allow you to find those that are relevant for you, we added different tags to scans describing its strategy, market direction, risk factor etc. 

How to use the tags

From the top of the page you will find some of the tags and an ellipsis button (...) indicating that there a more tags.

 Pressing on it you will see all the tags and a search button

Use the search box to find a specific tag. Selected tags will turn green.
You can select as many tags as you want, but tags are inclusive meaning only scans that include all the tags will be available for selection.

Clearing selected tags

In order to remove a tag, simply press on a selected tag.
Please notice: Tags that were in the more section will remain there, and in order to remove them you will need to press on the ellipsis again

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