IV Rank column
One of the more useful data points our scanner has is the IV rank, and this column is one of our default columns.

What is IV rank?
We use implied volatility rank a bit differently from what you might be used to. Although we call it 'Rank' it is actually a percentile. We implement a percentile rank on the ATM IV for 30 days over the past year. meaning: It's a measure of implied volatility vs its past values.

Reading the table
In the table, we show two values in each cell:

1. The top value is the IV Rank that we calculate. The color is a visual indicator to help you see at a glance if this percentile is favorable or adverse to your strategy: Green - beneficial for the selected strategy; White - Neutral; Red - against the selected strategy.
(For example, Credit strategies will benefit from high IV, so the color will be green, but debit strategies have a higher chance of getting hurt, so it will be red)

2. The bottom figure is the stock's IV value that is calculated.

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