Bid-ask Level Setting
The bid-ask level setting is a 'high level' setting that controls what option prices we use for our calculations. By default, we use the mid-price of the options when calculating the statistics of spreads and advance option strategies (such as Iron Condor, straddles, etc.). This is usually fine when you make simple scans in the market. However, sometimes (especially when markets are volatile, or bid-ask spread of option is wide), trades based on mid-price are hard to execute. We can solve this by using the bid-ask level setting to adjust the prices we use.

The bid-ask level setting ranges from conservative to best-case (theoretical). In the 'conservative' setting, we use the bid-ask prices against you: You sell on the bid and buy on the ask. In the 'best-case' scenario, you sell on the ask and buy on the bid - what makes it only a theoretical calculation. In the middle, we have the mid-price, and we have created two 'notches' between them - for 25% price improvement (halfway between conservative and mid) and 75% price improvement (halfway between mid and best-case).

If you want trades that are easier to execute, you can change the setting to conservative or 25% price improvement. This setting will make it easier to trade. However, you will see fewer trades as the stats (profit ratio, max loss, etc.) are less favorable.
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