The Stock Scenario Slider
The stock scenario is a tool that helps you express your views of the market optimally. It is designed to be very easy to use, but it is actually very powerful on the backend.

When you input your view (for example, AAPL will be above $180 in a month), we run all combinations and strategies in seconds and display them together to allow you to compare the trades and find the optimal one. You can then seamlessly move to trade and the following steps if you find the trade you like.

The slider is an exciting and essential tool to help find the optimal trade. The usage is simple: the more confident you are in the view - the more leveraged you should be (increase return). And if you are less confident - you can increase the probability of profit.

Behind the scenes, the slider checks all possible combinations and moves the trade only when it sees a better trade on one of the parameters. For example:

The following chart shows a scatter plot of AAPL above $180 for the covered call strategy (each strategy will have its own plot).

Each dot is an option. You can see the red dots provide an improvement in one of the axis (probability of profit or return), and the slider will change between them. You can see blue dots on the chart's top left and bottom right - they are inferior to the other trades, and thus we don't display them. Because we implemented this logic, each change on the slider will provide an improved trade (in the axis you requested). If there are no more improvements, the trade will not change. This will ensure you see the optimal trade each time.

We've participated in a webinar where we showed a use-case for the Scenario. Check out the webinar's recording here.

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